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TitleComposer/arrangerPriceCatalogue no.
A sound came from heaven [SATB]Mews, D.$4707
Ah, my dear lord [SSAATTBB]Wells, J.S.$3704
AlleluiaRimmer, J.In preparation
Arise and hail (Christmas) [SATB]Wells, J.S.$4720
Benedicite AotearoaWells, J.S.Organ / keyboard $5, vocal $3750b
Drop, drop slow tears [SATB]Webb, B.$3717
Drop, drop, slow tears [SSAATTBB]Wells, J.S.$3721
First Mass (NZL 1970) [Unis/Organ]Wells, J.S.In preparation
Gloria Tonga [SATB, Org/Orchestra]Wells, J.S.Vocal score $15, orchestral parts hire only719
How sweet the name [SATB]Wells, J.S.$3710
I was gladWells, J.S.$7.50726
I will singWells, J.S.&7.50727
In days to come [SATB, Trumpet, Organ]Wells, J.S.$10723
Jade and Gold (SATB and piano)Wells, John$20.00706
Just another Millenium [SATB, Organ]Wells, J.S.$7.50718
Laudate Dominum [SATB]Wells, J.S.$5715
Musica Sacra Canticles (Set 1)John Wells$15725
Musica Sacra Canticles (Set 2)John Wells$15726
None other lamb. [Unis/SATB]Norton, C.$3705
Now is the Hour [SATBB]Kaihua, Scott & Stewart, arr. Wells.$3716
Oh my deir heart [SATB]Jenkin, D.$3701
Parish CanticlesJohn Wells$7.50728
Pohutukawa Carol [SATB]Mews, D.$3703
Second Mass (revised; NZL 1984) [SATB, Organ]Wells, J.S.$20712
The Call of the Running Tide: Five NocturnesWells, J.S.$20722
The imprint of his little feet [SATB]Mews, D.$2709
The Late SongWells, J.S.$5729
The Shepherd's Carol [SATB]Wells, J.S.$4708
Therefore we, before Him [SATB]Wells, J.S.$3714
Third Mass (ASB rev.1980) VocalWells, J.S.$5713b
Three Descants [S, Organ]Wells, J.S.$3711
We praise the infant Jesus [SATB, Organ]Wells, J.S.$5702
When the moon is blue (SSAATTBB)Wells, J.S.$7.50724


TitleComposer/arrangerPriceCatalogue no.
A New Zealand Suite [arr. 8 cellos + opt. double bass]Wells, J.S.hire only202b
Clarinet/Flute Sonata (clarinet/flute, piano)Wells, J.S.$40104
Elevation (cello, piano)Couperin, F., arr. Wells/Murdoch$10102
First Dawn (Orch. Overture)Wells, J.S.Full Score $50114
Five MiniaturesWells, J.S.$15106
Horn Trio (horn, cello, piano)Wells, J.S.$40111
Oboe Quartet (oboe, violin, viola, cello)Wells, J.S.$40 (score & parts)111
Piano TrioWells, J.S.$50109
Spring Song (violin, piano)Hollins, A., arr. Wells$20105
Suite (solo cello)Wells, J.S.$10101
The CygnetWells, J.S.$10103
Three Studies for Four Chromatic TimpaniWells, John$10113
Tuba Suite (tuba, piano)Wells, J.S.$40108
Vistas: Five Images for Young Auckland (orch.)Wells, J.S.hire only107

Music for the New Zealand Prayer Book

TitleComposer/arrangerPriceCatalogue no.
I Morning and Evening WorshipWells, J.S.In preparation
II Thanksgiving of the People of GodWells, J.S.Keyboard $20, vocal $5751a/b
III Thanksgiving for Creation and RedemptionWells, J.S.In preparation
IV Thanksgiving and PraiseWells, J.S.Keyboard $20, vocal $5752a/b


TitleComposer/arrangerPriceCatalogue no.
A Little Birthday SuiteJohn Wells$30218
Blythe BellsGrainger, P., arr. Wells$12.50204
Chorale Fantasia on Cwm RhonddaJohn Wells$40216
Chorale Improvisation Lasst uns erfreuenWells, J.S.$30207
Fanfare for a weddingWells, John$15214
FantasiaWells, J.S.$30208
Fifth Suite for a meantone organJohn Wells$40215
First SuiteWells, J.S.$40220
Fourth Suite, for a meantone organWells, J.S.$40223
Grand Prelude Op.66, No.1Alkan, C.-V.$10213
Kokako Fanfare & MarchJohn Wells$30228
Manual & Pedal ExercisesWells, John$20n/a
March WaikatoWebster, T. S. arr. Wells$20203
Metamorphoses on a NoelJohn Wells$30226
Organ Concerto Wells, J.S.Full Score $50, orchestral parts for hire224
Organ Concerto (1st movement)
Organ Concerto (2nd movement)
Organ Concerto (3rd movement)
Organ SymphonyJohn Wells$80227
Partita on 'Wolvercote'Wells, John $20217
Pedal Variations on Adeste FidelesWells, J.S.$20206
Pedal Variations on Good King WenceslasWells, J.S.$20209
Pedal Variations on Once in royal David's cityWells, J.S.$20221
Prayer Op.64, No.1Alkan, C.-V.$12.50210
Prayer Op.64, No.11Alkan, C.-V.$12.50212
Prayer Op.64, No.2Alkan, C.-V.$12.50211
PreludeWells, J.S.$10201
Second Suite (NZ Suite)Wells, J.S.$40202a
Third Suite ('The Australian')Wells, J.S.$40205
Variations on the Tongan National AnthemWells, J.S.In preparation222

Piano Solo

TitleComposer/arrangerPriceCatalogue no.
Bumblebee StewWells, J.S.$25301
Cauliflower CheeseWells, J.S.$25304
Four Short PiecesJohn Wells$10308
Minuet and VariationsBeck, F. (18th cent.)$20303
Mist Over WaitemataWells, J.S.$10302
Selections from Diferencias: SarabandeWells, J.S.$30305
Selections from Diferencias: ToccatinaJohn Wells$20307
The Well-Tempered Piano: Book 1Wells, John$35 310
The Well-Tempered Piano: Book 2Wells, John$35315
The Well-Tempered Piano: Book 3Wells, John$35320
The Well-Tempered Piano: Book 4Wells, John$35325
The Well-Tempered Piano: Book 5Wells, John$35330
The Well-Tempered Piano: Book 6Wells, John$35335
ToccataWells, J.S.$7.50306
Unfinished Business: Six Invitations to the ImaginativeJohn Wells$25309

Solo Song

TitleComposer/arrangerPriceCatalogue no.
Four Baroque Songs (Sop., C-tenor duets)John Wells$25404
Hine e hineTe Rangi Pai, arr. Wells$10401
The Late SongJohn Wells$10403
Three Songs of WarText: Wilfrid Owen/Music: John Wells$25402