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"IMPECCABLE DISPLAY FOR AUDIENCE . . . Wells promised high drama and he delivered.   The large audience was treated to an impeccable display of virtuosity in a demanding programme . . . With Wells' hands and fingers dancing rapidly over the four keyboards, (the Vierne) was a delight to listen to and watch . . . The virtuosity was clearly evident (in Thalben-Ball's Paganini Variations) with the precision of two feet playing chords . . . Wells revelled in engaging the full tonal resources for this authentic presentation (of the first movement of his Organ Symphony).                                                                                 The concert was a display of virtuosity equalling that of other international concert organists . . . mastery . . . with ease." (Hawkes Bay Today, May 2014)

“Talented musicianship and knowledgeable comments . . . an entertaining and informative concert.   Gifted both as musician and lecturer, a master in his element . . . leaving the feeling that (the work) had been played just the way Bach would have wanted it, with understanding, skill and passion.”  (Whakatane Beacon, February 2015)

"While the sky opened in torrents outside, I was amazed at the number of people arriving at this concert . . . This was a masterful example of the genre played in a spectacular fashion with complete confidence and sparkle . . . The greatest delight was in hearing Wells' own work (the Fifth Suite) . . . left me wanting to hear more of his compositions.   (He) gave the freshly tuned organ a complete workout.  The buzz afterwards and the race to purchase CDs confirmed we had just experienced a piece de resistance."  (Nelson Mail, 9/3/2015)

". . . a programme carefully chosen to reveal the boundless glories of (the organ) . . . Wells demonstrated his obvious love of his instrument, his incredible proficiency at the keyboard and his heightened sensitivity towards his music - all reflective of the tremendous musicianship on display . . . a captivating performance." (Stephen Fisher in The Manawatu Standard, Palmerston North, May 2016) 

2020 engagements:

March 8th: St George's Church, Thames

March 9th: Whakatane 

March 15th: Napier Cathedral

April 5th: accompany the Mid-Canterbury Choir's Messiah at St Stephen's Church, Ashburton, conducted by Martin Setchell

April 7th: St Matthew's-in-the-City lunchtime piano recital.   All-Liszt programme consists of his Consolations and the Via Crucis 

May 2nd: Hamilton Cathedral with the Cantando Choir 

Updated February 2020